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La Spezia Cruise Facility

Molo Italia Passengers traffic in the port of La Spezia is managed by La Spezia Cruise Facility.
The embarkation and disembarkation-floating platform is situated in front of the public gardens, on the town’s waterfront. Weather conditions are favorable the all year long and the cruise ship anchoring positions are about 4 to 6 minutes away the floating pier, which makes it a pleasant tender ride. In about one hour, places that are highly visited and appreciated from touristic and cultural point of view may be reached: for example the marble quarries of Carrara or the Castle and Cathedral of Parma, the Miracle Square of Pisa, the Cathedral of Florence and the Anfiteatro Square of Lucca.

web: http://www.speziacruisefacility.it

La Spezia Cruise Facility S.r.l.

Viale San Bartolomeo, 109

19126  La Spezia

tel. +39 0187 5511

fax +39 0187 551302