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The Port

Spezia panoramica

The port of La Spezia is situated at the centre of the coast between Genoa and Leghorn and serves the markets of the Padana Plain, Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria.

Inside a 150 hectares harbour and protected by an outer breakwater, the port of La Spezia has over 5 km quays and 575.00 sqm surface at its disposal, with rail tracks for 17.000 metres and roads  for 3.500 metres.

The draught is up to 14 metres, which allows the newest container ships to enter the port; current dredging works will increase draught up to 15 metres.

The terminals have cranes up to 100 tons capacity and covered warehouses for a total of 13.000 sqm at their disposal.

In the port, two container terminals, one multipurpose terminal, one coal terminal, two oil terminals, one LNG terminal and two cement terminal are operative.

In the European scenario, the port of la Spezia is one of the main port as concerns intermodal transport, the first for rail transport; besides, regular services connect it weekly with the most important intermodal centres of North Italy.

More than 50 ship lines link the port with over 200 ports all over the world.


The port of La Spezia is directly connected to the rail and highway net and is located at the cross between the Tyrrenian-Brenner and the coast lines. The nearest international airport is the Pisa Airport, at about 80km from the town.


Geographical position

The port’s particular position , at the end of a deep gulf North-West / South-East oriented, makes it a natural port like few others.

A mountain chain protects the port backwards, while the cape of Portovenere and the islands Palmaria and Tino save the port from the strong south-west winds.

A outer breakwater assures very good sea conditions to the gulf all over the year, allowing port operation by every weather condition.

The outer breakwater is 2.210 metres long and cuts the gulf between cape S. Maria westwards and cape S. Teresa eastwards, leaving two passages of 200 and 400 metres for the ships entering into the port.

The bay is about 4,6 km deep and 3,2 km wide.